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Kite from L to the...

So International. Trying to find neutrality in the motivation of the masses of foreign tourists who see my people as invisible, or at best, less than. Pero, y que!? Im living a little too much, think I caught slight heat stroke on a run this morning. Either way, Ive been writing everyday, thinking well, just doing. The socials wont get the juice no more, they wheezin it too much. Imma be here with these thoughts, I hope to catch yall in the cypher. Nothin but love for the clica, cuz we hella mad out here lit right now! ?

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Towkio - .Wav Theory

I stumbled across this one first thing today. I really love the simplicity of the lyrics combined with the time lapse style shooting. Check it! (L to the...) on Feb 01, 2018 12:44PM


Hey yall! One month in already!!?? Damn! Hope yall are back in the swing of mostin and putting in work towards big things in '18!

Avila Beach, CA - Office views. Well, lunch views.

Workflow - I get 20 miles in round trip
I've certainly found a groove out here in SLO that I've been riding, but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss the Bay everyday. We (the Bay) get(s) stereotyped as being inherently "progressive", like we just see all the fuckery of the rest of the country and strive to do better. Nah guy. The Bay is a place of inherent conflict: economical, racial, spacial, cultural. From this conflict, we are forced to have conversations that others don't, forced to be face to face with one another, and from here, the progress, the camaraderie, the unique culture arises. FOCHO embodies that for me.

I've met a lot of cool people out here, but I definitely miss the frequency that the Bay is on, how casually, yet articulately, people speak about life, about issues under the surface, the realness. This morning, I came across this conversation on when it is appropriate to call someone "racist", and journalism's role in making such an assertion. It reminded me of conversations with y'all, of chillin at home, and it's tight. It really amps up at the mid-point, when the psychologist brother comes on and breaks it down real proper. Given the political climate, where I am geographically, the year, the day (1st day of Black History Month!), I felt it was a good one to share.

Stay up yall!

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State of the

 Onion? I ated that shit
Union? I don't even watch that shit. I slappeded that shit off the table. That shit was good. (L to the...) on Jan 29, 2018 10:51AM

I Can Go Anywhere

The homie and former college neighbro Rollercoaster Man, when he's not In Oakland Riding His Bike, makes super chill Dad raps. He asked me to throw down on this ultra posi track, and I couldn't say no. Y'all know the sample, we rockin it for the future. Peep the track! Cheah!

Also, here's Rollercoaster Man (aka McSlappy)'s famous track featuring The Original Scraper Bike Team of Oakland, CA. Cheah!

McSlappy - IORMB (I'm in Oakland and I'm Riding My Bike) from Tynan McDonald Davis - McSlappy on Vimeo.